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TPS3 Session 720 (Deleted Portion) November 13, 1974 3/16 (19%) soreness muscles untwisting regains uncovering
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Session 720 (Deleted Portion) November 13, 1974 9:55 PM Wednesday

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Whole groups of muscles, particularly on Ruburt’s right side, are letting down, straightening and also untwisting from head to toe. Ideally—but you do not live in an ideal world—this could happen overnight, and with only a feeling of release. Some muscles have been kinked, however. They are gradually unknotting, and it is only natural that these feel some soreness. It is the “soreness,” the sensitivity of life, reasserting itself. Deposits in the right upper arm have vanished.

It is paramount then that Ruburt trust his body now, and not be worried. Old coordinations that were second and third rate are breaking up. Muscles being released are, as he has noticed, at first sore, then he realizes a new freedom or function regained.

The soreness continues for a while, however, and then vanishes as the muscle regains strength through use. The new function appears, yet is not steady for a while. But then its dependability is built up. He should not be worried if a freedom shows one day, then, and not the next. For it will reappear a few days following, and more dependably.

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