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TES2 Session 72 July 20, 1964 7/60 (12%) Pipers imposed constructions sea endure
– The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material
– Session 72 July 20, 1964 9 PM Monday as Scheduled

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(After supper this evening I went around the corner to the office of Doc Piper and invited him to attend the session, since last week he had expressed an interest in doing so. Our friend accepted the invitation, with the proviso that he would come to the apartment providing his office was clear of patients by 9 PM. We made a further agreement that he come to Wednesday’s session if he could not make it this evening.

(It was a very hot and humid evening. By 8:55 Doc Piper had not appeared, and from my studio in the back of the apartment I could look across backyards and see his office lights still on. Jane was only a little nervous before the session. “The idea of people we know coming to sessions doesn’t bother me at all,” she said. “It’s only when strangers are coming that I get really nervous.”

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(For the following, 73rd session, we had as guests Dr. and Mrs. Piper, with whom we have become acquainted in the past year or so. After the session, Jane and me showed them how to use the Ouija board, since they were curious.

(The board began to work for them immediately, where it had taken Jane and me quite a few sessions before we obtained anything at all through it. I took down the answers the Pipers obtained, and Jane was an observer.

(By the time the Pipers had asked their third question of the board, concerning the name of the communicant they had raised, Fred Lake, Jane had received this name mentally. She did not tell the Pipers, but she had the whole name in mind by the time the pointer had moved to the letter F. She was quite surprised, and has never had the experience before, although it has been some months since either of us watched others working the board—indeed, since the Seth material began to flow. Perhaps Jane’s abilities have improved in that field also.

(The next question the Pipers asked for was a date from Fred Lake. Jane received an answer for this question too, and noted it down on her own. The pointer however, hesitated over several numbers in giving the Pipers an answer, so the results here are inconclusive.

(Being tired from the session, Jane did not pursue the thing any further, and we let the Pipers alone while they received several more answers. But Jane and I plan to repeat this experiment with other couples, while we observe and see if either of us can pick up, in some fashion, answers the pointer will give.)

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