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TPS3 Session 698 (Deleted Portion) May 20, 1974 3/15 (20%) physicians alignment canal Cyprus jaw
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Session 698 (Deleted Portion) May 20, 1974 9:28 PM Monday

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Cyprus was correct, and in the terms used Sumari physicians then are aiding in Ruburt’s recovery. The information, brief as it was this morning, was also correct. It is of prime importance then that he not become impatient, continue as he has been doing; and give us a moment.

The physicians aid by giving precise overall directions to the body consciousness, simply facilitating healing, and directing energy—they are artists in their field. The body must adjust itself, and is doing so. Minute and obviously invisible alterations and adjustments of all kinds are occurring.

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Ignore it. It does not bother me.... the dreams also provide additional assurance, and while dreaming body states are altered—something physicians of course do not recognize. The existence of Sumari physicians will make sense when we finish our discussion of inward orders of reality and the dream state.

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