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TPS3 Session 698 (Deleted Portion) May 20, 1974 2/15 (13%) physicians alignment canal Cyprus jaw
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Session 698 (Deleted Portion) May 20, 1974 9:28 PM Monday

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Now: for Ruburt: a major tension block has begun to release itself—one that physically was largely responsible for the difficulties on the right side, and the lack of true body alignment.

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The process occurring now began in a dream state, was further accelerated this morning, and further so in the relaxation just before the session. The release however then of muscles previously tight can be initially unpleasant, but this soon passes, as other groups of muscles relax gradually in response. This was important however for alignment, and will affect walking of course beneficially. It is also connected with what we were talking about this evening, since the initiation for this particular event was dream oriented.

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