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TPS3 Session 697 (Deleted Portion) May 13, 1974 3/21 (14%) tranquilizing Larry resiliency Herschaft speedily
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Session 697 (Deleted Portion) May 13, 1974 9:18 PM Monday

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Your ideas have been limiting in that respect. You take it for granted that unless you husband your time, and divide it, what you want done will not be done in time, and so you inhibit creative ideas by your attitude. You say, consciously: “I cannot get painting ideas now because I am working on thus and so in these hours,” and so inhibit paintings. With a freer attitude, you see, the paintings would come through, practically speaking, now. That freedom would quicken your other activities, so that “Larry’s work” would be his and yours more truly, and be speedily accomplished. Do you follow me?

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Now ideally the body could at once heal itself, so that in the next moment he walked with perfect ease. Practically speaking however, muscles suddenly released from tension need first to simply relax and gain strength, and resiliency, practically. This is being done.

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The inner dream communications are important practically, biologically and symbolically. They represent the fact that he now trusts himself. The joyful and optimistic experiences however also bring about biological changes, and serve as imprints, patterns, for future physical improvement. The dreams restate on other levels his conscious decision to be flexible.

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