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TES2 Session 69 July 8, 1964 9/136 (7%) apparition constructions water temperature cool
– The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material
– Session 69 July 8, 1964 9 PM Wednesday as Scheduled

[... 101 paragraphs ...]

The trees are most beneficial. The water, applied with cotton, will aid Ruburt’s eyes and help his eyesight.

(“Do you mean water from the faucet?”)

The well water.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

Because of the particular nature of the water, which contains some particular mineral properties because of the rock formation.

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

Gradual cumulative improvement, for reasons that may seem highly inadequate to you. The temperature of the water is an element here, and it is very cool.

(“Can Jane’s eyes be closed when she uses this water, or should they be open?”)

[... 4 paragraphs ...]

In fact, cotton soaked in this water, and applied upon the eyelids before psychological time experiments would be the most beneficial. Bathing in the water, as you will of course, will help you both. At some times the temperature of the water will be as low as 58 degrees Fahrenheit.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

(“The temperature of the water, intrinsically.”)

[... 1 paragraph ...]

Panic causes heat. Ruburt’s eye condition is a result of conditioned early panic, and the cool temperature, plus the mineral components of this water on your land, will help him.

[... 14 paragraphs ...]

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