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TES2 Session 69 July 8, 1964 22/136 (16%) apparition constructions water temperature cool
– The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material
– Session 69 July 8, 1964 9 PM Wednesday as Scheduled

[... 10 paragraphs ...]

For the time being the word will serve, since I know what you mean by it. Of course, it was a valid construction. There is much to be said here. I told you I would use Mark for a demonstration concerning the nature of matter, and so I did.

The apparition, therefore, was constructed by Mark. You did not see it, Ruburt did not see it, because an individual only sees his own constructions; and in this case the idea data was only given to Mark.

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

For reasons that we will mention later, the cat did sense the apparition. Now, I have told you that there are many factors involved in the construction of matter, and I have explained that telepathy and many other factors which I have listed are important.

In the case of the apparition, many of these factors were lacking. I purposely short-circuited them very nicely, for my own reasons. Now even though individuals only see their own constructions, as a rule, with the other factors in operation you will appear to see others’ constructions because there will be such a similarity in the various constructions of what appears to be one physical object.

In this case such clues were not given you. Therefore the construction was only seen by the one person to whom the inner clues were given. The construction was then formed, more or less in faithful replica to the inner data received by Mark.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

This is what I am leading to. Outer constructions are always translations of actions from inner reality into material. Their validity is dependent upon the individual’s ability to receive inner data, to translate inner data, to manipulate energy, and to construct it onto the material field.

Mark among other things was given, and received, the impression of an intelligence superior to any you usually experience within your field. In his construction of the apparition therefore, he translated this conception into the large frontal lobes and cranium.

If the data had been received by all of you, you would all have appeared to see more or less the same apparition. You would, of course, have each instead constructed your own apparition, in your own space perspective; and because of the other clues usually given the three apparitions would have seemed to be one, agreeing for all intents and purposes to be similar in terms of appearance, and approximate location.

[... 5 paragraphs ...]

I have also spoken of constructions which do not appear in the usual manner on the physical level, though they exist and are valid. There are many reasons why such constructions do not retain, or sometimes even gain, even the appearance of physical durability, and the apparition of the other evening falls in this category.

I have also said that all constructions are composed of atoms and molecules, but their action may be at such different speeds that you are not aware of them on the physical plane. I am leading up to a rather important point that will take a good deal of explaining.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

The construction of the apparition was formed, therefore, by atoms and molecules. The idea behind it came from me, and was received by Mark; and then Mark constructed the apparition, which did in fact physically exist.

It was composed of actual matter. As you should know, like all other atoms and molecules, its atoms and molecules had capsule comprehension, generalized consciousness. They formed themselves at Mark’s instigation into a gestalt of physical construction; but the gestalt could not operate consistently or endure for any amount of physical time, in your field, because of the absence here of the greater data which is the property of the whole self, in its construction of a completed human form. This will take some reading over. Certain conditions, which we will discuss at length later, are necessary for a completely valid or effective materialization into human form.

[... 11 paragraphs ...]

I have told you they were fragments, and if you will reread the material in the light of the newer material on matter, then the whole incident will become more plain to you. I also will tie these discussions in with their strong connection with expectation, as the involvement here is extremely practical in everyday terms; and though it may seem at first to be Pollyanna, it certainly is not, and in many cases much training is necessary before proper attitudes can be achieved. In all cases without exception, fear leads to defective constructions, and the cycle is vicious.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

I meant to mention earlier that regardless of your conscious feelings, the town of Sayre was not a good place for you to live, and a proximity so close with your parents is never advisable, as you know now. Their constructions are extremely faulty and distorted, and telepathically they are bad.

[... 4 paragraphs ...]

You are covered in many ways that you were not covered in the past, and this is to your advantage. Any construction at all on your field, or on another, has consciousness to some degree. Consciousness however, may not always show the same characteristics that you are used to, and in many cases it will not be perceived by you.

This will be important in a later discussion. And pertaining to our imaginary situation concerning the three glasses, you must realize then that each of these three glasses, being valid physical constructions, are composed of atoms and molecules that contain their own capsule comprehension and generalized consciousness.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

However, instead of our glasses, please consider a very simple situation: the two of you in this room. Now. Ruburt constructs his own physical image, which is, I hope, obviously conscious. You construct your physical image of Ruburt. Now the question is: What about your construction of Ruburt, which is valid as a material construction. Is it conscious

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

—and to what degree? If five people were in this room, then they would each construct, in their own personal perspective, their own image of Ruburt, which would be composed of definite, material, atoms and molecules. You would have five actual physical constructions, plus Ruburt’s own. Do all five constructions, plus Ruburt’s own, contain Ruburt’s consciousness?

[... 1 paragraph ...]

I am now bringing you to the point of primary and secondary constructions. And with this you may take your break.

[... 16 paragraphs ...]

If they were that thoroughly constructed they would. They would be free from your control, and allowed their own value fulfillment. You might find such a conversation intriguing. However, I do not believe you will see them.

[... 14 paragraphs ...]

(“You said earlier that when Willy and the bug created each other, they saw solidity in infrared. Would this apply to their constructions of Jane and I also?”)

[... 38 paragraphs ...]

The difficulty is in the construction of his images on a visual field, rather than in his perception of them. He should be able now to construct such images more faithfully, but habit and conditioning holds back, though the ability to construct images on a visual level has already improved.

[... 4 paragraphs ...]

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