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TPS2 Session 607 April 3, 1972 2/26 (8%) Alma Porcius Marcus Cato statesman
– The Personal Sessions: Book 2 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Session 607 April 3, 1972 9:35 PM Monday

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In Greece the young man was a senator, extremely brilliant, and emotionally immature and cold. He was very quick and impatient, particularly with the mental incapacity of others, yet he played upon their weakness in that regard. This was in Athens, and there was also a connection with Cato (pause), and a Hebrew background.

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(The dictionary tells us that the Stoic philosopher and statesman, Cato, was a Roman, and lived from 95—46 BC. He was called Marcus Porcius the Younger; his great grandfather, Marcus Porcius the Elder, was a Roman statesman who lived from 234—149 BC.

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