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TES9 Session 462 February 3, 1969 13/79 (16%) mathematical perception clairvoyant medium pessimistic
– The Early Sessions: Book 9 of The Seth Material
– Session 462 February 3, 1969 9:17 PM Monday

[... 16 paragraphs ...]

Information quite literally must be sifted through the layers of the medium’s personality. (Pause.) The nervous system reacts to the information even as it translates it. Nothing is neutral. Nothing can be neutral in those terms. The information is received and translated, as it must be, into mechanisms which the nervous system can handle and interpret and translate in physical terms. The information then, like any perception, becomes a part of the nervous system’s structure. It cannot be otherwise.

Any perception of any kind instantly alters the electromagnetic and neurological systems of the perceiver. In your terms, physically, that is what perception is—an alteration of neurological structure. The perceiving mechanisms themselves change and are changed by that which they perceive, and I am speaking now of your physical system, and the physical nature of any perception.

It is literally impossible for you, and it is a logistic contradiction to imagine, with your physical structures, that any perception can be received unless the perceiver’s own inner situation is altered. I am trying to make it as clear as possible that information automatically blends with, is intermingled with, and enmeshed with, the entire (pause), physically-valid (hyphen) structure of the personality.

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

Now. (Pause.) Any perception immediately blends, then, with the entire system of the individual. Any perception is action, and it changes that upon which it acts, and in so doing it is itself changed (underlined.) This applies to any perception.

The slightest perception to some extent alters every atom within your physical structure, and this in turn sends out its ripples, so that as you know the most minute action is felt everywhere.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

(Pause.) Some individuals always see the worst side of things, and interpret any given perception in the most pessimistic light. In a low mood any individual is much more likely to react to pessimistic suggestions, and to interpret data in the same manner. Now this applies to any data, whether it be physical in the usual sense of the word, telepathic, clairvoyant or otherwise.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

Now all of this is not meant to apply to specific incidents mentioned by you earlier, but only to clear several matters that we have not discussed thoroughly enough, involving the normal psychological aspects involved in clairvoyant information. Most of the remarks I will make can be applied to any perception, however.

[... 5 paragraphs ...]

—for it has all kinds of implications that we cannot cover in an evening, but it will be more than worthwhile for us to pursue them. Now whether or not a medium is in a trance that is as deep as the Atlantic Ocean, the medium will not be a pure channel. The ego will simply be bypassed, but the other layers of the self, the neurological structures particularly, will continue to operate as always. They will be altered by the perceptions that flow through them.

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My own identity, in simple terms, has fewer hang-ups than the personality that is operating in physical terms. My range of perception is far greater, as is my range of activity and the kinds of energy I am able at times to direct. Even the quality of that action is of a different nature.

[... 6 paragraphs ...]

We will have more to say concerning the nature of perception, and the ways in which such information is perceived and used.

Now I tell you that while the perceiver is changed by what he perceives, he also changes that which is perceived. Perceiver and perception, in a basic manner, are one and the same. Here we come close to the meaning of value fulfillment and moment points.

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

We should go deeply however into the nature of perception before we leave it, or you will have that left hanging. An amazing amount of energy was released in the article, that will affect others, and Ruburt is only slightly beginning to realize the force behind it and within it.

[... 4 paragraphs ...]

—then I will end the session. And unless you have further questions we will resume on perception, on Wednesday.

[... 14 paragraphs ...]

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