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TES9 Session 462 February 3, 1969 3/79 (4%) mathematical perception clairvoyant medium pessimistic
– The Early Sessions: Book 9 of The Seth Material
– Session 462 February 3, 1969 9:17 PM Monday

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As I told you (humorous) the medium is the message, and more than the message in many ways, and therefore for best results the medium should not be too hot or too cold. Information can rarely flow like crystal-clear water, with the medium a faucet, to be turned off and on at will.

Information quite literally must be sifted through the layers of the medium’s personality. (Pause.) The nervous system reacts to the information even as it translates it. Nothing is neutral. Nothing can be neutral in those terms. The information is received and translated, as it must be, into mechanisms which the nervous system can handle and interpret and translate in physical terms. The information then, like any perception, becomes a part of the nervous system’s structure. It cannot be otherwise.

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—for it has all kinds of implications that we cannot cover in an evening, but it will be more than worthwhile for us to pursue them. Now whether or not a medium is in a trance that is as deep as the Atlantic Ocean, the medium will not be a pure channel. The ego will simply be bypassed, but the other layers of the self, the neurological structures particularly, will continue to operate as always. They will be altered by the perceptions that flow through them.

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