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TES9 Session 462 February 3, 1969 4/79 (5%) mathematical perception clairvoyant medium pessimistic
– The Early Sessions: Book 9 of The Seth Material
– Session 462 February 3, 1969 9:17 PM Monday

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(Before the session Jane and I discussed the reaction of Roger Sullivan, of Lexington, Massachusetts, to the two sessions dealing with his mathematical questions. See sessions 449 & 450, and the attached correspondence, etc. We also talked about the California session involving Bill Macdonnel, auto accidents, etc., and other material—see the 435th session.

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The mathematical data I have also somewhat explained. This is more difficult because of Ruburt’s lack of mathematical vocabulary, and the fact that conceptual patterns were given in intuitive mathematical language—not in a precise narrow range at all, and answering deeper questions than those asked. Nevertheless the answers to the particular questions are inherent within the material given, I believe, and become obvious by reference.

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In other words, larger mathematically intuitive, pure-theory ideas were presented as well as circumstances would permit. (Pause.) Theories and ideas are far more important than details, for the detail comes from the theory and not the other way around.

Ruburt worked rather hard, and did learn to achieve a more intense focus. (Long pause.) I fail to see, however, that the most precise mathematical data will enhance the spiritual, psychic, creative condition of mankind (smile), unless it deals with issues that throw light upon the nature of existence, in basic terms.

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