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TES9 Session 462 February 3, 1969 6/79 (8%) mathematical perception clairvoyant medium pessimistic
– The Early Sessions: Book 9 of The Seth Material
– Session 462 February 3, 1969 9:17 PM Monday

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(Pause.) Some individuals always see the worst side of things, and interpret any given perception in the most pessimistic light. In a low mood any individual is much more likely to react to pessimistic suggestions, and to interpret data in the same manner. Now this applies to any data, whether it be physical in the usual sense of the word, telepathic, clairvoyant or otherwise.

Fear will often sensitize individuals however, so that fear for a loved one will bring about clairvoyant knowledge of a disaster. They are not concerned over joyful events, you see, and do not therefore as easily perceive these clairvoyantly.

Now in any ordinary clairvoyant event, in a low mood, Ruburt or any individual may, according to time and circumstance, overemphasize or misinterpret information, overstating say, pessimistic elements. (Pause.) Personalities strongly (underlined) given to the need for self-punishment will consistently misinterpret such information, or any information.

Now all of this is not meant to apply to specific incidents mentioned by you earlier, but only to clear several matters that we have not discussed thoroughly enough, involving the normal psychological aspects involved in clairvoyant information. Most of the remarks I will make can be applied to any perception, however.

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(During break we discussed some of the aspects of precognition and telepathy, clairvoyance, etc., that would be called upon in cases where witnesses attended sessions, but the material for the session had been given to Jane by Seth in advance, in our terms.

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In your terms therefore I can be in many places at once, and conscious of so being. It does not mean that I am less in one place than another. (Pause.) Now in some way that you are not ready, or should I say able, to understand as yet, I help Ruburt to perceive clairvoyant information more clearly, in that I help to direct the kinds of alterations that occur within his neurological structure.

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