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TES9 Session 450 November 20, 1968 4/66 (6%) Pius Carl encyclopedia creaked guy
– The Early Sessions: Book 9 of The Seth Material
– Session 450 November 20, 1968 9:28 PM Wednesday.

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Pius, doesn’t sound right to me, 8, 1... I’m getting... I guess it’s Pius the 6th. But it doesn’t sound right but seems to be what I’m getting.

(A check of the dictionary shows there have been 12 Popes, but our source does not list most by date. Pius the VII was Pope from 1800-23, Pius the IX was Pope from 1846-78, etc. We have no dates for Pius VI and VIII.

(At the end of the session Jane said she was getting Roman numerals here; then she had the impression that what she wanted was “2 digits this side of 8, which would make it Pius VI.”

(The data appears to be distorted, or Jane’s interpretation of it. Jane thought that if she followed through as she began with the Pius data she would have said Pius IX, but she didn’t do so.)

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