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TES9 Session 450 November 20, 1968 3/66 (5%) Pius Carl encyclopedia creaked guy
– The Early Sessions: Book 9 of The Seth Material
– Session 450 November 20, 1968 9:28 PM Wednesday.

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...An encyclopedia of mathematical knowledge... Edinburgh... would have this guy’s name in it. It would seem to be in Latin. This theorem came up again in 1831. The particular volume or edition of the encyclopedia came out in the fall, and at the time this guy was working there was some kind of mathematical dispute going on, and a schedule set for some kind of conference to be held at the university for mathematicians from all around. The dispute had mathematical and philosophical connotations, because the ideas were wrapped up with science somehow.

[... 7 paragraphs ...]

According to this guy, this bunch overrode, through their ignorance and stupidity, the true nature of the constants involved. This guy’s name was removed from the following two editions of the encyclopedia as a result... Oh, we’re going to break it right now.

(End at approximately 11:30. Jane said she quickly ended the flow of data because as she spoke she could feel the guy getting furious all over again at the mention of the encyclopedia; this following a growing anger fueled by the previous data. There was a strong emotional reaction growing, so Jane ended it.

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