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TES9 Session 450 November 20, 1968 4/66 (6%) Pius Carl encyclopedia creaked guy
– The Early Sessions: Book 9 of The Seth Material
– Session 450 November 20, 1968 9:28 PM Wednesday.

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(This session was witnessed by Carl Watkins, of Odessa, New York. Carl studied math for two years in college; reading the first session, he said that the ideas presented by Jane in trance made sense to him; he cited some examples to us and worked out some figures, especially concerning quadrants, and drew some diagrams. This proved interesting to us and we understood it while Carl was speaking; later however because of our lack of background in math we found it difficult to recall what Carl had said.

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(She now drew for Carl and me the illustration at the left.“This is the apple with a stem,” she said, “that the personality was trying to get across.” Jane said she didn’t have the vocabulary for it; it was something “he” knew he couldn’t get her to say.

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And my welcome to our friend here. (To Carl.)

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(A curiosity: Carl Watkins said he felt there was a definite mass change in Jane when she was speaking as Seth. When she rocked back and forth as Seth, Carl said, the floor beneath the rocker creaked. But the floor did not creak when Jane rocked as herself after 10:45 PM. Carl said he carefully watched to make sure the chair had not been moved. Jane weighs 105. Carl weighs 188. He sat in the chair now, without shifting its position; when he rocked back and forth the floor creaked.

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