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TES9 Session 449 November 18, 1968 9/73 (12%) integers Roger zero math minus
– The Early Sessions: Book 9 of The Seth Material
– Session 449 November 18, 1968 9:15 PM Monday

[... 15 paragraphs ...]

(She then said:) An infinity has no number. The other side of zero cannot be reversed. (Pause.) Freedom to the 9th power.

[... 23 paragraphs ...]

It is as if infinity doubled in upon itself. Zero (gesture, a frown, a pause), being far from neuter, but a gateway through which the integrity of the other numbers come. The integrity of zero cannot be doubted.

The beauty of the zero is precisely that all other values in it lie inherent. Now it can gobble up all your (parentheses here, I’m not sure:) integers; and those dissolving values mentioned earlier, dissolving into zero gain new power.

Consider zero like a mutant. You have missed the significance of its behavior.

At the 9th power certain values begin to slip away. What is wrong, that you have not missed them? The quadrants involved turn into a spiral, turn the zero inside out. Within its magnitude even the lowly integrity of 4 vanishes.

In its place is a gobbling of numbers. The positive is accentuated when you turn the zero inside out. Remember the integrity of your quadrants. They escape you if you look away.

[... 12 paragraphs ...]

All of this is premature, for the equation itself bears little basic reality to truth. It has a highly artificial relation to it, and it hides another equation, secret since the time of Egypt, having do with the basic nature of zero, and the opening and wedging powers of the unleashed integer, over zero to the 9th degree gradations downward, do you see?

[... 1 paragraph ...]

There is a basic unpredictability. Find it. Grouped generally under the values of the simple 7, plus and minus the magnitude of the 7 as it goes through the zero, brings you a multidimensional concept that equates with truth.

[... 8 paragraphs ...]

X has lost its strength and Y is under the siege of Planck. Planck’s forces (pause), triumph over the old values but zero gobbles some of Planck’s men, the integer minus 7, and to work out, psi must be confused for a moment with 8. The mistake is found, and Y is free. Too bad you neglected the psi factor. You thought 7 gobbled it up. 371 will not stand alone in that location. It is besieged by truth to the 3rd power, truth being one, hand in hand with 7. Three C (E?), 3C, over 9 to the 7th power, will temporarily equate with 9 over 137, might give you truth.

[... 4 paragraphs ...]

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