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TES9 Session 449 November 18, 1968 11/73 (15%) integers Roger zero math minus
– The Early Sessions: Book 9 of The Seth Material
– Session 449 November 18, 1968 9:15 PM Monday

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(Below is a copy of three questions sent to Jane by Roger Sullivan, a friend of Pat Norelli; both live in Boston. Roger is working on a doctorate. The questions were sent on October 6, but we haven’t been able to deal with them before this because of many other events.

(The 440th session was held on October 7, and was addressed to Pat. Roger’s list contained a fourth question addressed to Seth; this one concerns the Bahai faith, was formulated by a girl friend of Pat’s, and will be answered by Seth at a later date.

(The first 3 questions, as I copied them from Roger’s letter:

(We hadn’t planned on dealing with Roger’s questions particularly this evening. I merely showed Jane the list shortly before 9 PM. What followed was surprising to us in several ways, and raised many questions that we will now search out answers for.

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(In fact, she said that for all she knows all of the data given this evening is gibberish. We have no math books in the apartment. Few people have seen Roger’s list, and none of these with one exception knew any math. The exception is my brother Bill, who looked at the questions briefly last week on a trip through Elmira, from Rochester, where he lives, to Sayre, Pennsylvania, where our mother lives. He could shed no light on the questions, and gave us no definitions, etc.

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(Since Jane looked at Roger’s list just before the usual session time we thought Seth might consider the questions. Seth did not come through however during the evening. Jane said she could not make any conscious attempt to answer the questions, since she couldn’t read the formulas. She had said a little previously that she felt “up” today, or full of energy, light and active.

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(At 9:20 Jane asked to see Roger’s list once more. She looked at it briefly and laid it down on the coffee table. Then:)

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(The equation she tried to give doesn’t make sense to her; she now looked at Roger’s questions again briefly. What she got when giving the equation was not really a vision, she said; it didn’t look like Roger’s writing; she seemed to get the data in words and feelings, numbers radiating or pulsating within at the appropriate times in the data.

(Jane doesn’t know what Bainbridge means, whether it is Roger’s mother’s maiden name, a place, or what. When the data stopped flowing Jane would just relax and wait for things to come through again. The “have fun” and the use of the word “I” made it seem as though a specific source was responsible for the data.

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(Pause at 10:28... “I’m just waiting,” Jane said. She looked at Roger’s formulas again briefly. “I don’t know what I’m looking at.” She did have the feeling of the little man, as though she looked at him in a small box, she said. She interpreted this to mean she saw him in the past.

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(Pat Norelli is to visit us over Thanksgiving. She is to carry a copy of this session to Roger in Boston, with our request for a paragraph-by-paragraph analysis of this material by him, for our records.

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