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TES8 Session 400 March 20, 1968 18/67 (27%) vision technical technique realism medium
– The Early Sessions: Book 8 of The Seth Material
– Session 400 March 20, 1968 9 PM Wednesday

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The technique can follow beautifully through as a handmaiden of the intuitions. The technique can be channels of line through which feeling may flow. (Long pause.) Let the medium and technique follow naturally from the original vision. Allow the vision then to take its own form. But do not impose (underlined)a form upon it. Then this fine technique will be truly used to advantage.

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Imagine the vision on the board, forming itself and evolving outward into physical reality, and let your fine technical abilities simply help the vision flow outward.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

Imagine the inner vision flowing through your mind outward freely onto your board. Then let your flawless technique follow the vision, and on occasion help define it.

This attitude alone will help you greatly. A child develops in his own way. A parent should not try to force, but follow the child’s natural bents. So let your technical ability follow the visions natural bents.

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Now freedom, a sense of freedom, has been emerging, which has led you toward a desire for larger work. Let the vision in your mind emerge naturally, and it will expand and grow.

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Inner visions of a psychic nature also give you freedom, since strangely enough your background did not give you any particular fear in that regard. There is no personal tie up with the early distrust of fantasy.

Now in portrait work, looking at a subject easily for example, try to see him as he was in past lives. This will add depth and dimension and vastly increase your own interest. Now form is extremely important, but forms change constantly, and no form is permanent. Therefore let your fine draftsman’s ability carry in itself that message: beautiful form but already in transition, with the vision beneath ever ready to adopt new shape. (Long pause. I consider this to be excellent and perceptive material.)

Think first in terms of being yourself a medium, through which visions flow. They will each to some degree suggest their own forms which you can faithfully follow. Do not try consciously to settle upon any given medium, oil, et cetera (pause), or consciously try to set up a lifetime program, in those terms, now.

The development will come naturally from within, following the general trend followed by these inner visions. Because you are you, you will attract your own unique visions, and if you follow these suggestions each vision will indicate its form and medium, and the general pattern of these will then be seen to be following along certain lines.

These lines—I mean directions—overall, will give you your uniquely original style. You will not be forcing yourself along certain lines, nor trying to mold a pattern upon yourself from without. The original style and so forth, the original slant and direction that you seek, will be the result of your own inner vision freely followed according to the suggestions I have tried to give you. It already exists and is apparent in some of your work.

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Some of this is habitual. You have freed yourself to some considerable extent already, but you must remember to give your vision its own freedom, and then follow it.

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Now. Again, the vision will imply and even sometimes dictate its own form, but the form should always exist as an attribute of the vision and not be imposed upon it.

Therefore concern yourself with the vision and the other matters will take care of themselves. The vision must always be allowed freedom, for it is greater than its form. That is important. The vision shapes itself. Let your hand follow your intuitions then, and the form will be seen to vibrate, for then the form and the vision are one.

The vision will take another form, but if you have faithfully followed through, then the vision and its adopted form become one moment point. (Pause.) Allow the vision to express itself in form; again, do not attempt to impose the form upon the vision. The form should grow out of the vision.

You will, quote, “pick up” visions that no one else can. If you are a channel for these, your development is assured. All of this presupposes of course the kind of technical training and background, and knowledge of the art necessary. This you have. So as Ruburt is to try to be a channel, so think of yourself in those terms.

The vision that comes to you or through you has been automatically processed as it comes through. This automatic processing is highly individual, and is what you do as a creator. The vision comes seemingly from without. As a creator you translate it into physical terms.

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

Your materials must always serve your inner vision or you will be dissatisfied with them. You must be bold in following the inner vision, free enough to follow it. You have been somewhat hampered by your father’s overcautiousness and timidity. This can be resolved however.

[... 4 paragraphs ...]

(Pause.) Stop thinking in terms of the medium, then, and let each vision suggest its own. I will give you additional material on this subject when you want it.

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