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TES8 Session 400 March 20, 1968 3/67 (4%) vision technical technique realism medium
– The Early Sessions: Book 8 of The Seth Material
– Session 400 March 20, 1968 9 PM Wednesday

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In the beginning you could not have painted if you had not allowed yourself to develop this technique, which allowed you to use emotion and yet contain it. (Long pause.) These elements helped form and define your abilities, adding to their particular and peculiar nature.

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The technique can follow beautifully through as a handmaiden of the intuitions. The technique can be channels of line through which feeling may flow. (Long pause.) Let the medium and technique follow naturally from the original vision. Allow the vision then to take its own form. But do not impose (underlined)a form upon it. Then this fine technique will be truly used to advantage.

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Imagine the inner vision flowing through your mind outward freely onto your board. Then let your flawless technique follow the vision, and on occasion help define it.

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