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TES8 Session 400 March 20, 1968 5/67 (7%) vision technical technique realism medium
– The Early Sessions: Book 8 of The Seth Material
– Session 400 March 20, 1968 9 PM Wednesday

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(Long pause.) You deal with emotion and creativity, and have always done so. Your own ability as a draftsman, if the term is the correct one—your technical ability—was adopted for two reasons.

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In this life therefore this high technical ability allowed you to paint, for without it you would have been too frightened of the inner sensibilities necessary. It has always had these two meanings for you, these two faces.

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Imagine the vision on the board, forming itself and evolving outward into physical reality, and let your fine technical abilities simply help the vision flow outward.

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This attitude alone will help you greatly. A child develops in his own way. A parent should not try to force, but follow the child’s natural bents. So let your technical ability follow the visions natural bents.

[... 16 paragraphs ...]

You will, quote, “pick up” visions that no one else can. If you are a channel for these, your development is assured. All of this presupposes of course the kind of technical training and background, and knowledge of the art necessary. This you have. So as Ruburt is to try to be a channel, so think of yourself in those terms.

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