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TES8 Session 400 March 20, 1968 2/67 (3%) vision technical technique realism medium
– The Early Sessions: Book 8 of The Seth Material
– Session 400 March 20, 1968 9 PM Wednesday

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(Long pause.) You deal with emotion and creativity, and have always done so. Your own ability as a draftsman, if the term is the correct one—your technical ability—was adopted for two reasons.

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Now in portrait work, looking at a subject easily for example, try to see him as he was in past lives. This will add depth and dimension and vastly increase your own interest. Now form is extremely important, but forms change constantly, and no form is permanent. Therefore let your fine draftsman’s ability carry in itself that message: beautiful form but already in transition, with the vision beneath ever ready to adopt new shape. (Long pause. I consider this to be excellent and perceptive material.)

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