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TES8 Session 364 September 13, 1967 3/48 (6%) hopelessness marriage peanut trap reliable
– The Early Sessions: Book 8 of The Seth Material
– Session 364 September 13, 1967 9 PM Wednesday

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Physically, there must be fresh air and sunlight, as much as possible. Peanut oil to be rubbed on the arms and thighs. Also calves, twice daily. An addition of iron to the diet.

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A man like Le Cron (author of Self-Hypnotism: The Technique and Its Use in Daily Living, copyright 1964, published by Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey) will recommend a reliable hypnotist. The other suggestions I have made, the addition of iron and the use of peanut oil, should be begun at once. The bed facing the south. A change in the husband’s attitude will affect the attitude of the ill woman.

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If possible she should be taken out into the sun, and the peanut oil will be even more beneficial if it is used then. Look for subtle signs of improvement rather than further signs of deterioration.

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