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TES8 Session 364 September 13, 1967 4/48 (8%) hopelessness marriage peanut trap reliable
– The Early Sessions: Book 8 of The Seth Material
– Session 364 September 13, 1967 9 PM Wednesday

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You can help make up for this by your own attitude, and the instructions I have given you. This will give her some breathing spell, when the disease will cease its progression. If these instructions are followed completely, then some (underlined) improvement should take place very shortly.

[... 7 paragraphs ...]

If these instructions concerning a beneficial change in mental environment are not taken, then indeed no other advice or medicine will be of help. (Pause.) I will address healing energy to her, to the best of my ability. She is being smothered, you see, by the hopelessness that surrounds her, as well as by her own hopelessness. To relieve any of the environmental negative thoughts and suggestions will bring her some immediate relief.

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I stress again that all of these instructions contain more potent aids than you may realize, and recommend that you follow them as closely as possible. There is hope. You must both have the strength and courage to grasp it.

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(Jane said that while Seth was speaking she herself felt that Seth was convinced that Peggy would be really helped if the instructions were followed. Seth was especially concerned about the positive suggestion ideas being followed.

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