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TES8 Session 358 August 2, 1967 3/73 (4%) Pete Boston Marilyn rugs sister
– The Early Sessions: Book 8 of The Seth Material
– Session 358 August 2, 1967 9 PM Wednesday

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Now. My regards to our friend, and please give us a moment. (Pause.) Now as to your picture of your sister, a period approximately six months distant and the probability of a bathroom tumble, that can be averted if no small rugs are used on the floor. This includes rubber-backed rugs.

There was some distortion in your picture. The tumble will not occur if no rugs are used. For safety’s sake I would suggest an eight-month period. No severe (underlined) difficulty would result in any case, but an ugly bruise (pause), I believe by the right ear, and some twisting of a foot.

I believe the purchase of a new rug for the room would be involved, and she would slip upon it. Now this probability can be averted in the ways given. Leave the floor there uncluttered. There seems to be a possibility that I do not understand, where for one reason or another newspapers might be laid upon the floor, in that room. Perhaps beneath dripping clothes.

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