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TES8 Session 343 May 22, 1967 9/37 (24%) offspring electromagnetic action structure universe
– The Early Sessions: Book 8 of The Seth Material
– Session 343 May 22, 1967 9 PM Monday

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Now. Moment points are indeed composed of action, action experiencing itself. What you see and experience physically represents but a small portion, a mere fraction of what reality is. There are universes within universes. Action is, and yet forms its own experience. Thoughts take electromagnetic patterns that have their own materializations as universal systems. Your physical body is a series of actions, though the word series is being used for simplicity’s sake only.

The nature of action causes depths in terms of intensities that you do not understand, but these intensities build up to the appearance of physical matter within your system.

You will never find a first action, and only within your system does such a search have any meaning. You form the reality, the shape, of thoughts, for they have shape, in much the same way that you breathe; and you have as little control of them, once you have created them, as you have of your breath.

Complications are far too intricate to explain to you. You form your image and the physical matter of your environment, and these, being action, are perceived as reality in other systems. They may not be perceived as physical objects, but as reality that conforms to the particular camouflage structure within.

Thoughts have what you may term color and shape, as well as electromagnetic structure and intensity. These combining together form your physical image, in your terms. Action can never be broken down to a prime or original unit, for it automatically builds upon itself, and can never be, therefore, subtracted from. Nor can it be isolated. It is within all things that you see, and invisible because it makes up the appearance of any physical construction.

It isn’t what you see, and yet what you see is it. Sight itself is it, the thing seen and the perceiver. You cannot stop action even in your mind, for the attempt to stop action is in itself an action. What you term death is an action. It is not the end of acts. The self at death is indeed more active as a rule than before, and the resources of the self are used to greater advantage.

The self goes on. Even the stuff of the physical body however continues to act. Action divides itself into various selves, and then explores the moment points of experience, for each new self is indeed a new action, an original act.

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Again, this is not symbolic. Only by the use of the inner senses can you obtain a viewpoint that is to some extent free of your own system. The inner self realizes the nature of its own reality, is sure of its identity and well aware of its power in the creation of actions which it projects outward from itself.

The inner senses allow you to follow some of these actions into other realities. The moment point on the one hand is of course a minute division of action. On the other hand it is an entrance into unknown possibilities and new dimensions. As you probe into any given moment point, you automatically become a part of it and change it accordingly as it makes its impressions upon you. These interchangings occur on many levels: psychologically, chemically, electromagnetically, psychically. There are subtle variations, as you know, in your known self from one instant to another as you affect your physical environment and form it, and as it in turn forms you. And this is just on the physical level.

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