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TES8 Session 335 April 17, 1967 2/31 (6%) ionization lightning climate automobile circumstances
– The Early Sessions: Book 8 of The Seth Material
– Session 335 April 17, 1967 9 PM Monday

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Our own physical climate is a poor one for a session, however. The electrical currents are not working to our advantage; this being a peculiar circumstance, incidentally, having to do with a changed ionization of the surface of the ground, that sometimes occurs about this season. This in connection with the high electrical content of the near atmosphere.

Instead of a steady flow of electromagnetic current, generally speaking, there is a rather erratic bombardment that affects such psychic affairs as ours. Under different conditions, an electric storm can be beneficial to our purposes. It is the altered ground ionization, somewhat peculiar to this season, that causes the difficulty.

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