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TES7 Session 330 March 27, 1967 6/41 (15%) Pat sitter Norelli lbj sweaters
– The Early Sessions: Book 7 of The Seth Material
– Session 330 March 27, 1967 9 PM Monday

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(During that session Jane achieved outstanding voice effects, a very deep trance, and a projection to the Boston classroom of Pat’s special high-school class. Through her Seth delivered an excellent lecture to Pat’s class. Jane regards the session in many ways as one of the best yet, and wanted Seth to discuss the session this evening.

(She particularly had some questions about the projection and voice.

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There was a legitimate projection involved in our last session.

Now. Ruburt did the projecting, with my help. I supplied some of the necessary energy, even while I spoke through his organism.

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I am fairly certain that I achieved excellent emotional contact with the students I addressed; for the projection was not only of Ruburt’s perceptive mechanisms, there was a strong psychic projection on my part.

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The projection was indeed informative, since Ruburt’s physical body was able to speak clearly and concisely while the consciousness traveled elsewhere.

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