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TES7 Session 329 March 25, 1967 11/56 (20%) chase Pat counterfeit Claire excitement
– The Early Sessions: Book 7 of The Seth Material
– Session 329 March 25, 1967 8:30 PM Saturday

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(Jane has her own notes on this session, and they may be included with these in these records. She took some little while to come out of the trance at the end, a fact attesting to the depth and effectiveness achieved. She achieved a legitimate projection to the classroom in Boston, and Seth deals with this to some extent in the next session. Jane believes she might have delivered much more evidential material had I asked questions; but I did not know whether to or not, fearing I might break continuity.

[... 6 paragraphs ...]

It makes little difference to me. We shall see. Give us a moment. (Pause.) These are impressions: 3 6. I will pick this up later. There are rather severe difficulties involving the male. (Meaning Brian.) They are psychological problems, and there is an identification on the part of the questioner (Pat) this evening, an identification of a strong nature with the male. There is a confusion of identity here, and this is the basis of the questioner’s problem.

There is a strong and rather aggressive nature beneath the surface personality of the questioner, of which the questioner is frightened, to some extent therefore a divided self. The male is passive and of a submissive mind, and given to an obsession with overconsideration for security. He will always seek security, but he enjoys being the object of a chase of this nature.

The questioner is obviously the hunter. The questioner also enjoys the chase for the sake of a chase. It is the chase that is important to both personalities. The questioner deludes herself. The object of the chase is not the important point. The excitement involved in the chase is important, and the energy, the vital energy used is being directed away from its proper purpose.

The proper purpose should be the development of the self, and the development of abilities, and it is to elude this responsibility that the chase was originated. The excitement of the chase is being substituted for the excitement that is required and demanded by the questioner, and rightly so because of the questioner’s psychological makeup.

The excitement however is counterfeit at present. The questioner hunts out an object, another personality, when she basically believes the personality is unattainable. The other personality is not sought for because of any inherent qualities of his own. He serves, instead, as a substitute in a quest that the questioner has not yet begun.

The questioner is indeed on a pilgrimage to find her own personality. You cannot substitute some other personality, you see. It would work very well, but it does not work that way.

There are definite reasons why the questioner chose the particular personality for this quest. An attempt was made to find a suitable substitute, you see, and a particular group of circumstances then seized upon, in order to initiate the proceedings. The questioner is subconsciously aware of those abilities that should be developed in her own personality, and attempts to project these outward into someone else. Then you see you search for the someone else, neatly labeled, but the capabilities and personality developments must be pursued within the self. You cannot chase after them and possess them by pretending they belong to someone else.

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Nor would such a counterfeit pattern suit you for long. Self-questioning and doubts would begin to drive you to distraction. You have inner strength that will give you your own sense of identity and continuity. Any inner security will come from this. You cannot abdicate, you see.

[... 5 paragraphs ...]

It is time for you to finish with childish games. They are draining your energy and they are keeping you from learning your own destiny. Now, if you have questions by all means ask them.

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(I missed more in here, and gave up for the moment. Seth spoke to Pat about such questions as love and marriage, feeling alone, etc. At about 10 PM, Seth spoke to Claire.)

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