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TES7 Session 329 March 25, 1967 10/56 (18%) chase Pat counterfeit Claire excitement
– The Early Sessions: Book 7 of The Seth Material
– Session 329 March 25, 1967 8:30 PM Saturday

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(A very successful session was held this evening for Claire Crittenden and Pat Norelli. The session was taped by Pat. She is a teacher in a Boston high school and has taken the tape to school; when she sends a transcript of the session it will be given below.

(The first part of the session concerned data about a man Pat is interested in, Brian Houlihan, of Elmira. As will be seen, Seth handled this material very well, bluntly and to the point in no uncertain terms.

(The balance of the session was material Seth delivered to be played for Pat’s high-school class of exceptional students, and is, we think, excellent. The students are acquainted with Seth through Pat’s efforts, and this enables Seth to get to the point concerning the idea of the material.

(This material was given in two sessions of about 20 minutes each. We thought the session ended with the first 20-minute delivery, but after a break Jane returned as Seth for more material. The presence of witnesses encouraged her; strong voice effects began to show themselves, the best in many sessions and toward the end of the Pat’s delivery, Jane achieved a projection to the Boston classroom of Pat’s special class. In many ways Jane regards this session as one of the best ever. Toward the last part of the session her delivery was very strong and forceful; very fast and emphatic and impressive; her eyes were closed for the most part, and she was really out.

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(More notes may follow. Pat’s notes are typed up for insertion here.

(First section, concerning Pat Norelli and Brian Houlihan.)

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It makes little difference to me. We shall see. Give us a moment. (Pause.) These are impressions: 3 6. I will pick this up later. There are rather severe difficulties involving the male. (Meaning Brian.) They are psychological problems, and there is an identification on the part of the questioner (Pat) this evening, an identification of a strong nature with the male. There is a confusion of identity here, and this is the basis of the questioner’s problem.

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([Pat:] “What talents have I to offer the world?”)

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(Seth’s pace was very fast in here, and I missed some material. I did not ask Seth to slow down, both in the interests of spontaneity for Jane, and because Pat was recording the session. Seth now told Pat she had writing ability, especially for historical works, and that she would do well in writing and history connected with the Tudor period.)

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(I missed more in here, and gave up for the moment. Seth spoke to Pat about such questions as love and marriage, feeling alone, etc. At about 10 PM, Seth spoke to Claire.)

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