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TES7 Session 329 March 25, 1967 6/56 (11%) chase Pat counterfeit Claire excitement
– The Early Sessions: Book 7 of The Seth Material
– Session 329 March 25, 1967 8:30 PM Saturday

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The questioner is obviously the hunter. The questioner also enjoys the chase for the sake of a chase. It is the chase that is important to both personalities. The questioner deludes herself. The object of the chase is not the important point. The excitement involved in the chase is important, and the energy, the vital energy used is being directed away from its proper purpose.

The proper purpose should be the development of the self, and the development of abilities, and it is to elude this responsibility that the chase was originated. The excitement of the chase is being substituted for the excitement that is required and demanded by the questioner, and rightly so because of the questioner’s psychological makeup.

The excitement however is counterfeit at present. The questioner hunts out an object, another personality, when she basically believes the personality is unattainable. The other personality is not sought for because of any inherent qualities of his own. He serves, instead, as a substitute in a quest that the questioner has not yet begun.

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You need the excitement vivid in the pursuit, but this excitement will be increased by far when your energy is used to perfect and develop your own personality. You are in effect putting the responsibility for your own development where it does not belong, and turning your destiny over to another person in a very real manner, in order to escape taking full responsibility for your own destiny.

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You would not be happy with the male, and you intuitively realize this. The obsession to have him grows precisely in proportion to your inner realization that you do not want him, but only the excitement involved in searching for him. You must end the search and face the self.

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Before a break. You have not been facing yourself and you are trying to substitute another for the part of yourself that you will not face. You have inner stability, but you are in danger of losing inner stability whenever you try to project this upon someone else. The excitement involved in this chase is something like the excitement you feel speaking to your good students. In the one case it is the wholesome and joyful result of the expenditure of psychic energy. In the other case it is the counterfeit expression. It is a turning away from and not going toward.

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