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TES7 Session 298 October 31, 1966 4/126 (3%) teaching Piccadilly teacher object school
– The Early Sessions: Book 7 of The Seth Material
– Session 298 October 31, 1966 9 PM Monday

[... 36 paragraphs ...]

Horizontal lines (envelope still to forehead horizontally) with a small square. Piccadilly Square. A city. Very distant connection with something like Cincinnati, Ohio.

[... 26 paragraphs ...]

(“You mentioned Piccadilly before.”)

[... 24 paragraphs ...]

(“Piccadilly Square.” We don’t know. Piccadilly Square, London, England, might refer to the fact that a professor at Elmira College, with whom Jane would like to work as an assistant, teaches English Literature and specializes in Victorian English. At this writing Jane is to hear from him any day about the job.

[... 32 paragraphs ...]

(12th Question: You mentioned Piccadilly before. “That was a result of a square impression. But this also has to do with a connection out of country.” See our speculations regarding the Piccadilly data on page 147.

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

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