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TES5 Session 215 December 8, 1965 7/99 (7%) candle flame Roy height test
– The Early Sessions: Book 5 of The Seth Material
– Session 215 December 8, 1965 9 PM Wednesday as Scheduled

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(The 21st envelope test was held during the session. The test object sealed in the usual double envelopes was a woodblock print, made by an artist friend of ours, Roy C. Fox, and enclosed with Roy’s Christmas card of last Christmas. It is a black and white print on very thin, almost transparent paper. Once again the test results were interesting, and somewhat different in nature.

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(At first the envelope test data left us at a loss, until memory began to work. To sum up first, we saw that Seth had used the name of the artist who had executed the block print, Roy Fox, as a starting point for data involving Jane and Roy and me, but for some reason had not dealt with the test object itself. We do not know why this happened, since Seth did not discuss the results this evening. Jane’s mother and a Christmas present also entered the test data, for reasons we do understand; here Seth tells us that Ruburt thinks of the package that his mother sent him.

(Roy Fox is a personal friend of ours. Last Christmas he arranged for me to have a show of paintings at Harris Hill Inn, just outside Elmira, in February 1965. The show lasted for a month. It opened on February 2,1965, and on the following Sunday, February 7, Jane and I were guests at the Inn, to discuss the show with anyone interested.

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(“A connection with a February event,” is the show at Harris Hill Inn, arranged by Roy Fox. “A circular object of sun or moon shape” does not mean anything in particular to us, although on the walls at the Inn were various circular objects, such as clocks, a barometer, etc. The same applies to “A color green.” Many of my paintings, being landscapes, are predominantly green. The show was held in “1965.”

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(“A lack of discretion” is of particular interest to Jane and me, since this is a most apt description of a situation Roy Fox was involved in during that February, 1965, and for several months before and after that month. The situation was common knowledge, so no confidences are violated to say that at the time Roy was keeping company with a woman who was separated from her husband, but not divorced. She had several children. Roy is a man in his sixties, had never married, and since he seemed so completely happy in this situation we had assumed marriage would follow. The woman’s husband returned to Elmira last summer, however.

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(The rest of the test data applies to the Christmas package Jane’s mother sent her early this week. The package was wrapped with twine, contained a blue knitted sweater, etc. Why this information cropped up in a test we do not know. We can see the connection with the Roy Fox data however, since Roy made the block print; his name is also on the test object. We would like to know why Seth chose to use Roy’s name as a springboard, however, instead of sticking to the test object.

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(Jane would like me to add here that she believes the envelope test data of this evening developed the way it did because of the emotional content of events involving Jane, Roy and myself. Whereas Roy’s blockprint, while appealing to us both, was comparatively lacking in such emotional content, intrinsically.

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