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TES5 Session 213 December 1, 1965 3/67 (4%) Ormond test season envelope postmark
– The Early Sessions: Book 5 of The Seth Material
– Session 213 December 1, 1965 9:50 PM Wednesday

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(The 19th envelope test was held this evening. The test object was the front of an envelope mailed to us by Jane’s father last July. See the tracing on page 101. The writing was in blue ink on white paper. Note the error, 1985, in the postmark; I thought Seth might comment on this but he did not. The envelope front was folded once and placed between two sheets of Bristol, then sealed in the usual double envelopes.

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(See the tracing of the test object on page 101. All in all the envelope test results were much superior to the previous two tests, and Jane was pleased. “A connection with water” can be our Elmira, New York address, 458 W. Water Street, or that both Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach, Florida, are on the ocean.

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(See page 101.)

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