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TES4 Session 190 September 21, 1965 3/24 (12%) John Taylors Donna loud reconstruction
– The Early Sessions: Book 4 of The Seth Material
– Session 190 September 21, 1965 Approximately 9:30 PM Tuesday Unscheduled

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Our friends were mystified. They had recognized elements of my voice, but because of the volume did not really think it was mine. The girl, Donna Taylor, said she thought we might be in trouble of some sort. Her husband Ed finally decided to come over to see what was going on. Not knowing what to say, I tried to joke that it was the television set, but Donna said it wasn’t; their set had been on, and they had checked all the eight stations to see if they could find such a voice.

Rob then said it was an experiment in self-hypnosis for my next book. This certainly was no lie, and the Taylors seemed to accept the explanation. John was having trouble keeping a straight face. The Taylor’s cat began playing with our cat, Willy, and we had no trouble steering the conversation into safer channels. The Taylors stayed for half an hour, then left. John Bradley left shortly after. By then it was past midnight.

(I would estimate the session ended at 11:20 PM, with the knock on the door. The Taylors are a nice young couple, newly arrived in Elmira, and do not know of the sessions. When I saw who was at the door I had visions of long complicated explanations, but the self-hypnosis explanation appeared to satisfy them. If they were still curious they did not reveal it. Very few people in town know about the sessions, although this state will be drastically altered next spring with the publication of Jane’s ESP book.

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