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TES4 Session 190 September 21, 1965 2/24 (8%) John Taylors Donna loud reconstruction
– The Early Sessions: Book 4 of The Seth Material
– Session 190 September 21, 1965 Approximately 9:30 PM Tuesday Unscheduled

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Our friend John Bradley visited us this evening. We played part of the 170th session, which was recorded and directed by Seth to Dr. Instream. In the middle of a passage Seth suddenly came through, saying: “Why settle for a recording when you can have the real thing?” His voice was quite strong. He seemed in excellent spirits. John had never heard the loud Seth; the previous sessions he witnessed had all been quiet ones. Now Seth began to speak loudly and jovially. Rob made no notes, as Seth told him they were not necessary. These notes are written from memory.

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(During this part of the impromptu session Jane’s voice became very loud and strong at times; it did not match the effects of the recorded 170th session, but came close once or twice. It was far too loud for the house, in my opinion, with others living so close. Jane’s eyes were open for the most part by now, and she, or Seth, often looked deliberately at me, knowing my embarrassment. But this did not prevent another strong blast. At times Jane got to her feet and tipped her head back, as she had done in the 170th session. At these points Seth would remark about using such a position to attain more power, and would talk about how impossible such an effect was for Jane to attain normally.)

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