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TES3 Session 111 November 30, 1964 11/53 (21%) universe threefold correlations systems distortive
– The Early Sessions: Book 3 of The Seth Material
– Session 111 November 30, 1964 9 PM Monday as Scheduled

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Our prospects for the immediate future will involve discussions of our threefold universal fields, their development, interrelationship, correlations and reference points.

Data from one such universe can and does serve as a reference point in another. In such a circumstance, the data is of course interpreted according to the universe in which it appears. An action may occur therefore in the world of matter, and be perceived in both the universe of negative matter and the dream world, but in such a case each universe interprets the action according to, and within, its own framework of reference.

There will be seen to be correlations that will appear in each of these universes. They would seem to be distortions. They represent however almost reflections of the same action, and are viewed from different dimensional points.

A study of the correlations with their distortive effect would seem to yield entirely different data. Only an observer from without the three-field system of universes could judge that one action, and not three, had occurred. It will be simplest to discuss at first such correlations occurring within the dream universe, and the universe of matter, since the dream universe is closest to you in both psychic and electromagnetic terms.

As we progress and pick up the study of our dream universe once more, we will be involved also with the study of mental events as they occur within both systems. And because I am presently uninvolved within your system, it is possible for me to give instances as they occur of such mental actions, as they are perceived in both the universe of matter and the dream universe.

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If you will again recall our material on the fifth dimension, you will see how this must be the case. It will be far more simple to see such a distortive effect of one mental action as it occurs in the dream and matter universes. In all such cases the mental action occurs simultaneously in all systems in which it will have a reality; in which it can be used as a reference point in other words.

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We will have many sessions yet dealing with the dream universe. Beside the interpretation of dreams specifically, in which I realize you are most interested, beside the explanation of dreams as they apply to your manipulation in the world of matter, we will discuss dream symbols as they apply not to the world of matter but to the dream universe itself.

We shall look in from the other side, for there is a looking-in also from the other side. I have mentioned before that beneath camouflage the fifth dimension is truly transparent. I have said that dream universe data has its effect upon your universe, as your universe has its effect upon the dream universe. It is also true that the dream universe is at least as familiar with your own universe as you are familiar with it; and as you tune in on it, so to speak, and while you are necessary for its survival, creating it, so does the dream universe tune in on you. So is your survival dependent upon its survival, and so does it create you as a by-product, if you are looking at your universe from the other side.

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I have said and I will repeat: In fact, there are no closed systems. They may appear closed to those within, but they are not closed, and there are openings in what appear closed places. We will deal directly in our future dream material with specific mental actions, and with the different appearance of the actions in the dream and matter universes.

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We touched briefly on this when I spoke of objectifying. The study of the dream universe will require a journey inward, through the subconscious and beyond. It will also require a certain objectivity, in that you must try to see your own universe then from the other side. This involves definitely a change of focus, and willingness to momentarily detach the abilities of both the intellect and the intuitions from familiar camouflage reference points.

Keep in mind here, though a discussion will wait for quite a while, that a like relationship occurs between the dream universe and the world of negative matter. There is surrounding this threefold system an envelope, so to speak, of uncamouflaged psychic phenomena. In other words, psychic energy gestalts, of which we will speak much later. They are important however; and from what you now know you realize that these energy forms represent mental enclosure units, operating in the same manner as our earlier ones of which we spoke when discussing the early development of energy within the physical field.

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