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TES3 Session 111 November 30, 1964 6/53 (11%) universe threefold correlations systems distortive
– The Early Sessions: Book 3 of The Seth Material
– Session 111 November 30, 1964 9 PM Monday as Scheduled

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Data from one such universe can and does serve as a reference point in another. In such a circumstance, the data is of course interpreted according to the universe in which it appears. An action may occur therefore in the world of matter, and be perceived in both the universe of negative matter and the dream world, but in such a case each universe interprets the action according to, and within, its own framework of reference.

There will be seen to be correlations that will appear in each of these universes. They would seem to be distortions. They represent however almost reflections of the same action, and are viewed from different dimensional points.

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These acts are not only interpreted differently, they also of course have effects which are caused not only by the initial action but also by the distortive appearance of the action in a given system. The reaction to such a mental act is made not only to the act itself; but the reaction is made to the appearance of an initial act, as it is projected into the second system.

Its very appearance or projection into a second system, therefore, causes an apparent change in the act itself. To all effects and purposes such an action becomes a different one, while in actuality it is the same.

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There may be the appearance of a time lapse of one kind or another between mental actions and their appearance or projection into other systems, but this is a distortive effect. Such distortive effects, such distortions, are often correlated within a given system, and accepted as a foundation for the nature of reality. And all further data is then accepted according to the easiness with which it can be accepted within this framework, the distortions being mistaken for the actuality behind them.

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I have said and I will repeat: In fact, there are no closed systems. They may appear closed to those within, but they are not closed, and there are openings in what appear closed places. We will deal directly in our future dream material with specific mental actions, and with the different appearance of the actions in the dream and matter universes.

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