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TES3 Session 102 November 1, 1964 9/61 (15%) Gallery Bill Macdonnel doubter Cameron
– The Early Sessions: Book 3 of The Seth Material
– Session 102 November 1, 1964 11:05 PM Sunday Unscheduled

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(We had company after supper. Before this couple left, Bill Macdonnel dropped in. Jane, Bill and I were eventually left alone, and since Bill is also an artist, the three of us joined a rather animated discussion of Jane’s latest work. It lasted for perhaps an hour.

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(It will be recalled that at various times Seth has said that Bill Macdonnel has much natural psychic ability, and that it is largely untrained. Seth stated that Bill was gifted in many lines of psychic ability, among them the perception of apparitions. Seth also stated that Jane and I did not see as much as we might because we were both too “fussy” about what we would allow ourselves to see.

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(It will be remembered that Mark is Bill Macdonnel's entity name. Bill is now in the process of transforming a downtown store into a combination art gallery and living quarters.

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(Bill Macdonnel explained that the superimposed eyes he saw upon Jane’s closed lids had no pupils, but resembled instead eyes clouded by cataracts. He also said that whenever Jane spoke to me and gestured in my direction, the eye effect followed, yet I noticed nothing unusual in Jane’s features. For Bill this effect began when Seth first mentioned him in the session.

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(Cameron Macdonnel will hold a grand opening of the Cameron Studio Gallery at 344 East Water Street on Sunday, November 8.

(The purpose of the gallery is to provide an outlet for painters, sculptors, and ceramacists to bring their work before the community. These artists will be welcome to arrange for one-and-two-man showings. Group shows will also be featured in the future. Interested area artists can contact Mr. Macdonnel between 1:00 and 3:00PM on Saturdays and Sundays at the gallery.

(The Grand Opening exhibition will consist of a two-man show of sculpture by Harold Spaulding and Walter Buhr, two well-known Binghamton-area artists. Along with this Mr. Macdonnel will have on display some of his oils, watercolors, and graphics. Walter Buhr has had his work shown in numerous galleries in New York State as well as in Pennsylvania. He is starting a sculpture class as well as working at his own sculpturing. The media he works in range from terra cotta to bronze to wood. Harold Spaulding has exhibited at the Roberson Gallery in Binghamton, and has participated in a two-man show at Two Rivers Gallery in that city. He has had a one-man show at I.B.M. in Owego, New York. His art has also been exhibited at Arnot Art Gallery in Elmira in group shows, and in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

(Cameron Macdonnel is a graduate of the State University College of Education at Buffalo, New York, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree. He has had his work exhibited in many galleries in Buffalo, including A.M.A.’s Gallery, J.N.’s Gallery, Encores Gallery, and Carl Briedmier’s Gallery. His work received favorable reviews in both the Buffalo Evening News by Trevor Thomas [well-known English art critic], and in the Buffalo Sun Bulletin by Larry Griffis.

(Mr. Macdonnel teaches art in grades 1-9 at Painted Post Junior High School.)

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