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TES3 Session 102 November 1, 1964 4/61 (7%) Gallery Bill Macdonnel doubter Cameron
– The Early Sessions: Book 3 of The Seth Material
– Session 102 November 1, 1964 11:05 PM Sunday Unscheduled

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I am not, as you know, particularly in favor of physical effects, but since Ruburt is such a well-known doubter I will go along. We will have to have our physical effects, effects that even he will not be able to deny.

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Joseph is committed to these sessions. He believes. Ruburt is a doubter, from way back. He is intellectually intrigued but he is not yet emotionally committed. You, Joseph, make these sessions possible. Without you Ruburt would not let me come through. Without you Ruburt would never have held a single session.

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If it is physical effects you want then I will go along. After all, I must please Ruburt to some extent, since without him I could not speak. The reason that his paintings upset him is that they reflect his inner knowledge, of which he is well aware. It is true that his poetry does also, and over the years he has come to take this for granted. But the paintings, especially the late ones which are so much improved over his earlier efforts, are new to him. And since he is still a doubter of the material, he sees this inner knowledge in a new light, and is upset.

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And there will be physical effects if the three of you want them, but you must meet faithfully, and in a committed way. There will then be effects that even the greatest doubter cannot deny.

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