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UR2 Section 6: Session 734 January 29, 1975 12/52 (23%) Sumari Barbara family wind Irish
– The "Unknown" Reality: Volume Two
– Section 6: Reincarnation and Counterparts: The “Past” Seen Through the Mosaics of Consciousness
– Session 734: Families of Consciousness and Counterparts. The Sumari
– Session 734 January 29, 1975 9:10 P.M. Wednesday

(1. Granting Seth’s concept of time: Does the reincarnating personality usually choose to experience its simultaneous lives through various families of consciousness, or is it more likely to remain “loyal” to one such family in all of them? At the start of tonight’s session Seth had remarked that generally speaking counterparts are part of the same psychic family, but I wanted to know if reincarnating personalities are also.

As you and your brothers or sisters might belong to the same physical family, so generally are you and your counterparts part of the same psychic group of consciousness.1 Remember, however, that these psychic groups are like natural formations into which consciousness seems to flow. Your own interests, desires, and abilities are not predetermined by your membership in a given psychic family. Underline that entire sentence.

These figures can hardly be definitive in any sense, however; they’re meant only to point out some interesting directions for study, involving groups and the various families of consciousness to which their members may belong. I’ll simply note, then, that 24 of the 37 students in Jane’s class were born in the first half of the year. From that point on, the figures can be assembled and interpreted in different ways. Obviously they’d change within limits from class to class, depending not only on which members were in attendance, but on which ones are Sumari. Seth hasn’t pointed out every Sumari in class; some have strong feelings about belonging to that family of consciousness, but others don’t.

4. Strange, how things can develop or not in our camouflage reality. I’ll explain what I mean by referring to my two questions for Seth in reverse order. At the end of the 732nd session I expressed the hope that “… we’d soon begin to get the material we wanted …” from him on whether the counterpart and family-of-consciousness mechanisms applied to other species and forms than our own; hence my second question this evening. With Seth’s evident help, Jane herself began at least a partial answer — one that was cut off by our visitor, Barbara, pounding upon our door. Jane’s focus and concentration on the subject were broken, and we didn’t return to it at the time. Not only that: I must note that even several years later we’ve still acquired no Seth material at all on such possible counterpart and family-of-consciousness roles. I also let go (although not consciously and deliberately) my plans to keep after Seth for that kind of information.

(See Appendix 26 for some of the family-of-consciousness material that Jane delivered for Seth in ESP class yesterday evening.

Dictation: There is a connection between counterparts and the families of consciousness.

Taking the Sumari as an example, there can be overly intent, ponderous, or simply dour Sumari who have not learned to use their creativity graciously, or with joy. Yet that joyful use of ability will be their intent. At particular periods of history, in your terms, different families may predominate.

There is no correlation between the families of consciousness and bodily characteristics, however. Many of the Sumari choose to be born in the springtime,3 but all those born in the spring are not Sumari, and no general rule applies there. They also have a liking for certain races, but again no specific rules apply. Many of the Irish, the Jews, the Spanish, and some lesser numbers of the French, for instance, are Sumari — though they appear in all races.

(2. And based upon my comments at the end of Session 732: How do animals, and other life or “nonlife” forms, fit into the counterpart and family-of-consciousness ideas?

We may not be able to pin Seth — as that energy personality essence calls himself — down to one physical race, but he is a Sumari: “And a very high lieutenant indeed, I will have you know,” he told us with much humor in his first session on the Sumari family of consciousness, the 598th for November 24, 1971. A month later he offered more insights on his own reality — the kind of information we’re always interested in acquiring (as I wrote in Note 7 for the 733rd session). From Session 601 for December 22 of that year, then:

“The point is that I am not impersonal any more than you are, in those terms, and in those same terms the Sumari are also individual and to that extent personal. You are a part of the Sumari. You have certain characteristics, in simple terms, as a family might have certain characteristics, or the members of a nation.”

Although in this note I’ve stressed the “what-might-have-been” aspects of that second question, the same thinking can apply to the first one also, in which I wanted to know how many families of consciousness might be chosen by the reincarnating personality during its “cycle” of simultaneous lives. Yet my feelings of regret here aren’t as great as they are for having missed out on something good with question No.2.

UR2 Appendix 26: (For Session 734) 8/14 (57%) Sumari families Del bereft November
– The "Unknown" Reality: Volume Two
– Appendix 26: Seth on the Families of Consciousness. The Beginning of Sumari
– (For Session 734)

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The categories [healing, teaching, or whatever] are general descriptions of the families of consciousness. [...] In the most mundane of terms, some families are travelers, and some prefer to stay at home. [...] I am not giving you these groups to set up divisions, but to help you understand that consciousness is diversified — that usually each of you falls, because you want to, into a certain family. [...]

Now these families fall generally into certain groups. In greater terms you can “cut the pie” however you want to, but you will still share an emotional and psychic feeling of belonging with the family of which you are a part. And (with broad amusement) most of you here are Sumari, and it demands great discipline for Sumari to take down lists — even of psychic families!

Now (Seth told us last night) you can expand the functions of any particular family group, or you can cut it down, by deciding how precise you want to be. If one family deals with the nature of healing, then you can slice it down to the healing of a toe … an ear … an eye.

The Sumari experience began when one family, the Sumari, learned that some class members felt alone in this world — bereft of family, often. [...]

(It happened that in ESP class last night Seth came through with material pertaining to the nine families of consciousness he’d begun discussing a week ago; see the 732nd session. [...]

[...] If you do not like the families that you have, you have others to choose from.1

[...] Even now she could only link the release of her very creative Sumari attributes, the singing poetry, and prose [as embodied in her novel, Oversoul Seven, for instance], with Seth’s reference to psychic families as well as physical ones.

1. I can note a good deal later that Seth’s material on our making further distinctions in the families of consciousness, beyond the nine he’s already named for us, is certainly related to the passages from a private session that I quoted in the last three paragraphs of Note 8 for the 732nd session: Seth stated that Peter Smith and I “are and are not counterparts” — that with another in this life each of us may often come together, then part, “forming a counterpart relationship when it suits your purposes….”

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