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TPS7 Deleted Session October 31, 1983 4/25 (16%) moved bedsores grunting foot Acuto
– The Personal Sessions: Book 7 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session October 31, 1983 3:55 PM Monday

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(At 3:40 Jane asked me to take away her cigarette and the ashtray on her belly. She wanted to move, she said. Before long she had her left foot and leg raised up a couple of inches off the bed. “Safe and nice,” she kept repeating to herself, breathing hard and grunting and groaning as the leg moved up and down somewhat. This was more than she’d done yesterday, I think.

(Earlier she’d told me that she was both disappointed and impatient with her progress since we’d started this group of sessions on October 9. She’d wanted her decubiti healed in a week, she said, and to be sitting on the edge of the bed by now. While I worked on mail her left foot came up again—a good three inches this time, as she grunted and her head moved against the pillow. She rested when she heard the medicine cart in the hall near 330. She was afraid, again, that if she was moving strongly or something like that, that she wouldn’t be able to turn it off right away if someone came in. It was getting to be vitals time.

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Ruburt can tell himself that the same energy that writes his books and that moved his foot up this afternoon can indeed heal those other portions of his body. They can close easily and naturally as the body follows its own spontaneous bent toward normal health. There is plenty of nutrition there now to help him, since he is assimilating protein so much better than he did before.

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Now, once more, the thing for Ruburt to remember is the sense of ease, agility, and freedom. He does feel it when his foot moves as it did this afternoon, or when other portions of his body move easily and automatically. That feeling is indeed the feeling of playfulness that I have mentioned so often. The body will follow its own order as the healing process continues, so he should not demand that it perform thus and so, for the body knows what it is doing.

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