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TPS7 Deleted Session October 31, 1983 1/25 (4%) moved bedsores grunting foot Acuto
– The Personal Sessions: Book 7 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session October 31, 1983 3:55 PM Monday

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(This morning I made an attempt to reach our regular plumber, but when this failed I called another, who may be here later this week. Frank Longwell visited at 11:30 AM, while I ate lunch. On the way to the hospital I stopped at Acuto Pontiac to make a date for having the car’s gearshifting checked: Wednesday at 1 PM. I can walk to the hospital from the garage. In 330 later, I left Jane to visit Medical Records again, but got nowhere because I missed seeing Janet Troutt, who’s getting Jane’s records for both ourselves and Blue Cross. I called from 330 at 4:01, during Jane’s break in the session, and again failed to make any meaningful contact. Maybe, I thought, we’re fated to never get those records. I’ll try again tomorrow, I suppose.

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