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TPS7 Deleted Session October 29, 1983 6/29 (21%) flexing sweaty foot safe knee
– The Personal Sessions: Book 7 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session October 29, 1983 4:57 PM Saturday

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(3:48. However, by this time Jane was in the process of straining, grunting and groaning as she moved her entire body to some degree. “Oh, Jesus....” Head and neck, arms and hands, legs and feet all moved in concert. “I don’t know what the hell I was doing, but I used the [right] knee a lot more, I know that....” She was afraid people would start coming in to do her vitals, and see her moving; she feared that once she started a series of movements, she couldn’t cut them off right away if someone entered 330. I thought to hell with those concerns.

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(4:05 More, stronger motions, head and chest sideways, left foot lifting up highest at the ankle that its done so far. Then Jane actually lifted the whole foot clear of the bed as it kept flexing. The knee didn’t open more, though. Breathing hard. The effort of the new motion showed in her hip and thigh and belly, tensing all of those muscles. When she rested, Jane said the foot “levitated.”

(4:10. Head and chest side to side. Jane could feel the knee of her right leg moving. “I can do a lot more with that knee.”

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(4:33. Foot down at last. She’d kept it in the air for at least three minutes. I told her. Terrific, her best yet by far. Then the foot began flexing again. It went back up in the air a good amount. “Safe. safe. safe,” Jane cried out. The whole leg moved up and down, though the knee didn’t flex.

(4:35. Rest. “Oh, that was weird, Bob,” she said. “The foot was under its own impetus, and it tried to straighten the knee, and then I could feel it in the right foot. What was I trying to do, Bob?”

(I said I thought she was preparing to flex the left leg at the knee by getting used to moving it off the bed at the foot, first. “I don’t get the feeling that I’m done exercising yet today, though,” Jane said.

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