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TPS7 Deleted Session December 2, 1983 4/32 (12%) Georgia Wendy Cathy blue Christina
– The Personal Sessions: Book 7 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session December 2, 1983 3:55 PM Friday

[... 9 paragraphs ...]

(When I got to 330 I found my wife blue and teary-eyed. She was also uncharacteristically quiet. “I love you,” I told her, and wiped away those tears. “I guess everybody’s got the right to feel blue once in a while,” I said.

[... 9 paragraphs ...]

Your reaction to Ruburt’s fit of the blues was excellent—of the highest caliber. (With a bit of amusement.)

He was angry at himself for feeling blue, and felt that you would be angry also. As the day progressed since morning, he had successfully countered many negative thoughts, until finally he did feel weary and blue. The fact is that his body in indeed improving at an excellent rate, with new, rather exciting improvements almost ready to manifest themselves.

It is, of course, important that both of you keep your spirits as high as possible—yet be understanding with yourselves when you do become blue, and don’t add new guilt on top of the momentary sadness.

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