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TPS7 Deleted Session December 17, 1983 4/25 (16%) spasms Christina bladder itchy itch
– The Personal Sessions: Book 7 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session December 17, 1983 6 PM Saturday

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(1:30. Jane began eating a good lunch. She’s having spasms in her bladder from the catheter. Her hair and scalp itch—I suggested it was caused by the medicated water in hydro, but she said no. My own ears itch, and have for some time. Yesterday I read in the Enquirer that such itching can be caused by shampoos, so I’m going to do some experimenting.

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(3:30. Spasms interfered with Jane’s reading to some extent. When Lynne came in to take her blood pressure, Jane showed her what new things she could do with her hands. Lynne also noticed how much better the healing ulcer on the outside of her right knee looked. Cathy took Jane’s temperature and pulse.

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(4:51. Jane had said before the session started that her head didn’t want to stay back on the pillow—that it kept moving forward all by itself. It did so now also. She had more bladder spasms, and was afraid she’d loosened the catheter with her motions, although I hadn’t thought they were that strong, except for the rapid head movements. But she said they had been strong enough.

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(However, Jane was having pretty frequent bladder spasms as she ate dessert, and feared that tonight she might have to get a new catheter. “I just hope they get it in right,” she said.

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