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TPS7 Deleted Session December 16, 1983 5/41 (12%) Pete Fife Hagen Infirmary insurance
– The Personal Sessions: Book 7 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session December 16, 1983 4:26 PM Friday

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(Because I was impatient after breakfast this morning I called Pete Harpending’s office at 8:30. He wasn’t in. I left a message, and he called fifteen minutes later. I explained the insurance situation to him. Pete said that few such cases go to litigation—which surprised me a bit. In his own experience, he’s handled only one such case. I gave him the names and phone number of Kathy Hagen, the Blue Cross supervisor who had seemingly turned down our major medical claim, and read to him the statement as to why that Andrew Fife had given me yesterday afternoon. Then I gave Pete Mary Krebs’s phone number, in Utilization Review at the hospital; she determines the level of patient care, reviews medical records, etc. Pete said he’d call back.

(I went to work on Dreams. Pete called at 10:30. He’s already talked to Andrew Fife and Mary Krebs, and visited the head of the local Blue Cross office, on the floor beneath his own office. He tried to contact Kathy Hagen in Syracuse, but she’s out for the day. Next he’s going to call Fred Kardon. All the activity made me feel good.

(I also told Pete that Andy Fife had told me that Jane had been rejected by the other facilities in the area, because in their opinion she required too much personal care. This was news to Jane and me; I’d forgotten that Jean Sweeney-Dun had taken me around to those places months ago. Jane broke her leg after that. I’d thought A. Fife mistaken yesterday, but he’d repeated the same thing to Pete, and gave him file and form numbers.

(“Anyhow,” Pete told me, “I know it may not be easy, but I want you and Jane to not worry. We’ve got to fight this thing, though. Their position is ridiculous.” He said this after A. Fife had outlined the situation, that Jane didn’t require hospitalization. Pete wants Fred K. to write a letter, or something like that.

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(I also think Pete found out that Kathy Hagen is not the ultimate supervisor at Syracuse, as I’d thought from what Andy Fife said, but that she too has supervisors.

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