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TPS6 Jane’s Notes March 16, 1981 1/6 (17%) Mafia gangster nightmarish Burnett kid
– The Personal Sessions: Book 6 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Jane’s Notes March 16, 1981 Monday

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The first was Saturday night, March 14: We’d watched The Gangster Chronicles on TV that evening, about the Mafia. The experience seemed to last all night gradually deepening in intensity, without overt dramatic story line — there was material on the Mafia in its relationship to family and particularly in connection with women—this seemed to be the focus point. I guess the idea was that males operate as a Mafia regardless of gangster connections.... there was a lot on this; I’d half wake up, very sore; half crying.... Because I remember few details it’s difficult to explain the nightmarish quality this had. There was also some material on my mother....

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