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TPS5 Deleted Session May 28, 1979 1/34 (3%) faster Scout permission consoled ground
– The Personal Sessions: Book 5 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session May 28, 1979 10:15 PM Monday

[... 28 paragraphs ...]

Your father dream. Your father represented your father, but he also stood for your version of the race [species] of man itself, of the nameless old men seemingly worn down by age, the lack of communication between nameless fathers and sons. Yet the old man does sleep in a gigantic shoe that is also like a cradle, from which he and all of civilization continue to emerge. Your question was why the lack of communication and compassion, the inarticulateness of love? And as you consoled your father, you tried to console humanity. And how? Through expression of the words, but also through your art, for you saw all art as an expression of love, a love in which the old man and civilization was ultimately held.

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