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TPS4 Deleted Session April 26, 1978 8/44 (18%) scorn impulses cleansing unfair prerogative
– The Personal Sessions: Book 4 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session April 26, 1978 9:57 PM Wednesday

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

The circulation has increased considerably in Ruburt’s legs, knees, and feet as a direct result of the increased activity. Today the knees were activated almost constantly, relatively speaking, because he did follow his impulses. Since he is moving more, just about every portion of the body takes new positions. It is natural enough when he begins such activity if ambiguous feelings emerge. They should be accepted, for they often show conflicting beliefs that are then out in the open and more easily contended with, because a specific incident will usually be involved.

Each such incident is like, now, a small morality play, with a lesson to be learned, and therefore each such incident is a step ahead in terms of progress and understanding. Almost immediately after your chair suggestion, and with the work you are both doing, Ruburt’s mind and body began to respond. Mentally he began to think of doing things that previously he had simply put aside. The definite improvements are therefore the result of Ruburt’s determination, and your support, but also of the body’s resiliency when it is allowed to follow its natural impulses.

Ruburt’s lapses have become quite noticeable to him, in contrast with the renewed air of freedom that he has indeed felt lately. He has also, however, begun to project, in small ways, in a quite positive manner, and felt impulses that before he denied.

He at least wished he could go into the yard this afternoon, once he imagined that he could make that step out. He wanted to pick his daffodils. He could not give in to that impulse yet, but before he would not have allowed it, because his position would then seem so hopeless in contrast. There are then several other such instances that he has forgotten, that are at least as important as the lapses that seem to loom so large. Such activity increases his sense of power, minimizes his physical hesitancy, and mobilizes physical activity.

The arms have been exercised in new ways. He has felt like performing some physical activities—getting the meal today. (Jane’s first in many many months.) The impulse automatically led him to perform physical acts that before he simply would not have done, so desire and impulse mobilize the body.

[... 7 paragraphs ...]

Following his natural impulses automatically brings issues out into the open, so that today he worried about not writing, and so was consciously aware of the conflict and of its reasons. He therefore reminded himself that he could and must trust his own individuality and rhythms.

[... 12 paragraphs ...]

He is afraid, of course, that if he “gives into” impulses other than writing for a day or so that he is lax, yet the exercise and relaxation of the body refreshes the soul and allows the intuitions their clear vision. If he can stand it, I would like him to take until Monday to follow his impulses, whether or not writing is involved. Then, as of Monday, he can begin to correlate the new physical activity with his writing, gently, by settling upon three hours a day of the basic “time put in”—but with the stress upon creativity, ideas, and free creative play that may or may not include Seven on any given day.

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

The increased activity and the release of impulses with these sessions, and your pendulum work, are once again arousing Ruburt’s body and mind, and your own, so that you have an excellent chance now for Ruburt to recover. Do not let issues go underground. There are improvements, and considerable ones. You want more. Remember what I said about muscular activity, so that when Ruburt does have a sore day, say, you do not become discouraged.

[... 10 paragraphs ...]

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