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TPS3 Deleted Session July 16, 1977 3/50 (6%) ligaments improvements muscles thunder ankles
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session July 16, 1977 9:29 PM Saturday

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(I should add that Jane’s ankles had shown a marked improvement. Their swelling was much decreased, with a corresponding increase in mobility. She said her knees also, seemed to be responding to the same process of change involving the ankles.)

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The release of these ligaments, though not complete, brought about changes such as the following: the activation of the entire capillary system; the increase of circulation to the ankles and some observable increased motion in both. The ankles have not suddenly been completely released, but the necessary motions have begun.

The opening of these capillaries was responsible for the itching feeling in both the ankles, and to a lesser extent in the knees.

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